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When Culture and Copyright Collide

An academic thesis that explores the difficult relationship between intellectual property and the distribution of media in the digitial age. Is file sharing really killing the film industry?

The Darkies Bed by Paul Hawkins and Adam Smith

A long, long time ago in a room full of Mills & Boon novels and at a time when they should have been revising for a history exam, two men penned the beginnings of an instant, cult classic that would one day turn the world of romantic, trashy and slightly racist literature on its clich├ęd fucking head. So important a work of fiction was it, one commentator at the time would even remark, "what are you two doing now?"

The Internet Killed the Video Star


Travel Blogs

Europe by Cable-Ties by Paul Hawkins and Neil Hayes

4 wheels, 3 countries, 2 idiots, 1 mission, 0 planning. A confused, patchy and stupid account of a baffling cycling trip from Amsterdam to Copenhagen.

USA by Hammock by Paul Hawkins, Alex Holbourn, Lucy Hemmings, and Andy Amico.

Four people went looking for America, and found it everywhere.


Talent is Cheap, for Ideas Tap, July 2012

The Battle for America's Soul, Moot Magazine; Gay Issue, June 2012

You Don't Own You, Moot Magazine; Sex and Politics Issue, July 2012