Here is a list of easy-to-steal projects Paul is writing, has written, or is perhaps still faffing around trying to start. If you're interested in learning more, you can contact Paul here.

Feature Films

Donald Recurring

Donald, an obsessed quantum physicist, and Greg, an agoraphobic copyright infringer, share a flat. Due to personal differences, it’s difficult anyway. It gets harder, however, when clones of Donald start turning up at the same time every day and dying upon eye contact. Not ideal. Neither is the sudden appearance of a mysterious blacked-out van that lurks outside and stalks their every move...

Donald Recurring is a dark comedy that asks difficult questions about identity, death, the Universe and whether having sex with a clone of yourself would be gay or just an elaborate wank.

Untitled Musical

A musical about Cameron, a writer who hates musicals, who, through the unfortunate circumstance of pitching a wedding film a bit similar to commercial mega giant Mama Mia!, is commissioned to write a musical. To help with the already unappealing rewrite, he is assigned the 'help' of Marcus, a musician whose natural talent is only surpassed by his complete absence of social skills.


It's been four years since the arrival of the unliving, and it's been a time of great social change as the population of Britain adapts to the integration of the 'zombie' community. 'Formerly living' citizens, as they are increasingly dubbed by leftwing journalists and campaigners for Z-qual rights, are at once both clinically dead and spiritually alive. However, society as a whole is in a state of ethical confusion and fear regarding the people - who they deem 'zombies' - that no longer fear death. Brains! is a mockumentary and socio-political satire that examines our world through the lens of  the latest group to be marginalized by the mainstream, scapegoated by the tabloid press, manipulated by politicians, and discriminated against by organised religion.

Lost in England

A pair of young lovers flee Afghanistan to enter England illegally, but they are separated soon after by a car crash. Yasir is a sweet and simple man, a former teacher with a child-like naivety and no common sense. Kinah is tough and savvy, a political dissident, but she's scared for Yasir now she cannot look after him.

Two fish-out-of-water, lost and separated in a country where they’re criminals. With no phones, no money, and no idea where the other one is, will they ever find each other? Of course they will but, you know, it’ll certainly look touch-and-go for a while.

Larry the Friendly Chlamydia

The Testicles, present day. Larry, the kindest venereal disease cell you could ever hope to meet is forced to survive the unknown when a freak incident suddenly shoots him many inches from home into a dark and terrifying new world. A microscopic tale of epic proportions.


Middle-Class Nightmare

Miles, a highly politicized and arrogant ex-student, is on the run from the police after skipping parole for a spree of indecent crimes he committed on his graduation night. Middle-Class Nightmare is the cross-platform project that follows his story as he rampages across the internet taunting the authorities, and copes with the severe boredom of being confined in the suburban home of the parents he now perceives as ignorant, bourgeois, closed-minded fascists.

They're actually lovely.

I'm With Cupid

A sitcom that explores the darker side of love through the less-than-satisfying 9-to-5 of being a Sweeper, a celestial being whose glib duties involve breaking up relationships in preparation for the more glamorous Cupid agents.

Short Films

Burr and the Squeakles

An animation aimed at young children about a giant called Burr who gets smaller and smaller the further he goes from home.

Joint Trouble

Mick is a 75-year old retiree of doing nothing. Having drugged, traveled and adventured his life away, he now finds himself immobile and captive to the Establishment in a state care home. Joint Trouble is the simple story of a man who lived fast but didn’t die young, and his not-so-simple desire to get high once more.

Shooting People

A short mockumentary that follows the aftermath of a incident involving a celebrity assault on a photographer and the subsequent paparazzi stake-out of her home.