3 May 2010


There are a lot of stupid people. A stupid person is stupid. They don't know very much, especially about what being stupid is. This is because they often realise that they're 'stupid' from talking to 'smart' people, which is stupid. If they don't realise that this is stupid, they're really stupid.

There are quite a few smart people. A smart person thinks that they're smarter than a stupid person because they know more things. However, smart people often do not realise that there are lot more things that they don't know, and that very smart people are much smarter than them. If they do realise this, they know that they're comparably Stupid. If they don't realise this, they don't know that they're really, really Stupid.

There are some very smart people. A very smart person knows lots and lots of things, and they also know that they don't know lots and lots of things. The more a very smart person knows, the more they realise that no person knows lots and lots of things about anything. A very smart person, therefore, knows that they're stupid. If they don't know that they're stupid, they are really, really, really stupid. And a prick.

There are no perfectly smart people. A perfectly smart person knows absolutely everything and does not exist. Because a perfectly smart person knows everything, lots of stupid people, quite a lot of smart people and even some very smart people think its very, very smart to call them 'God.' However, because perfectly smart people can not exist, this makes them really, really, really, really stupid. That is unless, of course, the perfectly smart person does not exist, and knows that they don't exist, in which case, who gives a shit how clever they are? They can fuck right off, the smug made-up know-it-alls.

In conclusive summary, then, we are all proper, tongue-biting, spit-dribbling, battery-licking thick. I know that might be hard for you to understand, you dopey, cretinous, bumblemoron brainvoid, but the quicker we can all accept it, the sooner we can bridge the imaginary divides between us, unite humanity in its struggles, rise up against our common problems and, as one, try to lick our elbows.